Laser Hair Removal Treatments

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    Lasers are amazing things and nowhere is this more evident than with the unbelievable ways they can help remove hair from the body.

    In this video I've found some highlights or laser hair removal treatment which shows exactly what a laser can do when you want to say bye bye to hair anywhere on your body.

    The video starts with a man having hair removed from his neck.

    It's not necessarily the first place you'd think someone would want to get the treatment on, but with male grooming the most popular its ever been and designed stubble on trend, watching the precise targeting of the laser on these hairs is incredible.

    After that you get to see a larger laser pad work on the armpit.

    I've done a little reading in to this and found out that it is supposedly one of the easiest areas to remove hair from as the follicles are slightly larger, making it easier for hair to come out.

    I suppose this makes a lot of sense if you think of how you can sweat here and hair works hard to collect any moisture.

    My favourite part of the video is around the 3 minute mark when you get to see someone receiving a laser hair removal treatment on their legs.

    I was fascinated watching how the areas of the leg are marked out and now a person needs to have shaved legs, instead of having a few straggly hairs grown out before a wax session.

    There's a great little moment in that clip too where you see the doctor point the laser on their own hand just to see if it's all working correctly, helping to highlight that this type of treatment is anything but scary.

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