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    We here at MRW Racing have a huge selection of hobby grade nitro rc cars.

    We have cars form all the big brands such as Traxxas, Maisto, Himoto Racing, XTM, Redcat Racing, and HPI Racing.

    All the cars can travel well over 30 miles an hour with some even able to reach 60 70 miles per hour.

    The Pure extreme octane rush experienced when driving these machines is like an addictive drug and thats not to mention when racing.

    Got a competitive streak? If so get a race with 3 or 4 fellow nitro rc hobbyists to experience the ultimate rush.

    Monster truck racing in the mud to buggy racing in the sand, drift car racing to rock climbing, the various race challenges available with nitro rc racing is plentiful, with each variant race providing its own challenges and thrills.

    Fill up the nitro tank, pull out the nitro glow plug and pull that cord.

    BOOM You are off like a firework

    If you enjoy hobby grade nitro rc racing then you have to get your hands on the one of the machines shown in the video.

    Likewise, if you are a beginner and looking to get into the wonderful world of rc racing we recommend starting off with the brushless rc cars.

    These may not be as fast as the nitro cars but they can still reach ridiculous speeds, are easier to run and are easier to maintain.

    For any beginner looking to dive straight onto nitro rc cars be warned They are a labour of love and will cause you some pain along the way but we have to admit, there is no better smell than gasoline, oil and burning rubber.

    Check out our range of hobby grade rc nitro cars here:


    Our next product view video will cover our brushless range of rc cars.

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